Reciprocal Link Building – Double The Web Traffic To Your Site

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Reciprocal Link Building – Double The Web Traffic To Your Site

Reciprocal reciprocal link building is one of the best ways to attract a substantial amount of web traffic to your site. In this process, you have to exchange link with another high traffic website. You start the process by contacting the webmaster, usually through email, requesting for a link exchange. You describe the benefits of exchanging the links with your site. However, there are several important things that you need to keep in mind while you using this online marketing technique.

Relevancy Is Important

When it comes to reciprocal reciprocal link building, it is important for you to make sure that the website you are exchanging the link with offers relevant content. It means if you are running a website on yoga, you should exchange links with yoga related websites only. For your yoga website if you are exchanging links with a website that has nothing to do with yoga, such as a bankruptcy website, it will have some serious negative impacts on your website. Search engines, including Google, dislikes any such attempts. Therefore, you have to be very careful in reciprocal link building.

Exchanging Links With A Higher Ranking Website

If your website has a page ranking of two, it will almost be impossible for you to exchange links with a PR6 website. However, there are still some innovative ways out there that can help you convince the webmaster to do a link exchange with your site. For example, you can first explain the quality of your website. Then, you can offer that you will be sending them twenty articles per week free of cost if they get ready for the link exchange. It is definitely a time consuming process, but reciprocal link building with a PR6 website matters a lot. Therefore, it is not a bad deal.


The only disadvantage of link exchange is that you have to display the links of other websites on your site. It means you are encouraging your site’s visitors and customers to visit other websites. However, this disadvantage is not very harmful, as it is about sharing of web traffic between two websites. If you have a quality website and the products you are promoting are good enough, you will not lose either your visitors or customers in reciprocal link building.

However, when you compare the disadvantage with the plethora of advantages, you find the link building method a great way to get optimum exposure for your website. It is true that quality content is the king when it comes to running a successful website. However, only quality content cannot bring the desired traffic to your website. At one point of time, you will have to go for reciprocal link building. And when you do that, you are very much likely to double the traffic to your site.

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